pedespeed by Thomas L. Luder from Olney IL USA cira 1870

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thomas L. Luder's pedespeed 1870-Goddesses by Mayumi Oda, 1981

oda's pedespeed
Goddesses by Mayumi Oda,
Copyright 1981 by,Lancaster - Miller Publishers, 3165 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA 94703

The following spanish 1870 news articles
say that THOMAS L. LUDER
is the invevntor of the


Thomas L. Luder was from
Olney Illinois, usa

The following link is the site I found Mr. Luder and pedespeed together.

YES it is time

Now, about YES it is time

Create an event in Olney Il, to honor Thomas L. Luder's PEDESPEED.
My inkling is to have an 1/2 marathon and a full marathon, 5 and 10K also.

open class, criteria is one wheel on each foot ie my onewheelskates or reproductions of the pedespeed or modifications with the one wheel rule.

for instance a unicycler could have a unicycle on each foot
or a 'HEELIES' person could give it a go.

Prize money for all entrants. How you think? Say there are 5 entrants 1st
gets 5 shares of 15, 2nd 4 of 15, 3rd 3 of 15, 4th 2 of 15 and 5th 1 of 15

Get on board or watch the train go to Olney

Olney, Illinois
Home of the
White Squirrels

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